Seonjeongneung 서울 선릉과 정릉 | UNESCO Heritage Site

At the heart of the infamous Gangnam district (if you do not know the Psy's song by now or worse Hyuna's version , you must have lived under a rock without access to the Internet or the radio, bless your ears) rest two Choseon kings and one Choseon queen. Well, that is if their bodies had not been desecrated during one of the many Japanese invasions of the Korean peninsular. We did a wonderful tour of the Seonjeongneung with the one and unique Meggie Yu . If you are into history or even just learning a bit more about Korean culture with an historical background, this tour is made for you. You will learn a lot while having a good laugh and a relaxing walk. Most of the information below comes the notes I have from her tour with her. Seonjeongneung is a compound word consisting of "Seolleung," where the ninth Choseon monarch King Seongjong (1457-1494) and his wife Queen Jeonghyeon (1462-1530) are buried and "Jeongneung," the tomb of their son and the 11th

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